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Tapco Stock Mini-14/30 Fusion


Ruger 181 series polymer black

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-Will not work with the Ruger 180 series.
-Designed to work with the 181 & all later series
Series can be determined by the first three numbers of the serial number
-Mini-14 & Mini Thirty rifles with the factory plastic stock will need a stock reinforcement (not included)
-The Mini-14 6.8 SPC version requires the Mini Thirty stock reinforcement (not included)

-TAPCO T6 Stock Body
-1 Straight 6-Position stock tube
-1 Angled 6-Position Stock Tube
-TAPCO SAW Style Pistol Grip
-Intrafuse Top Barrel Cover
-Intrafuse Stock Chassis
-Lower Rail Cover

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Weight 3.5 lbs


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